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July 24th COVID-19, New Cases, Hospitalizations, Vaccinations

The 7-day average cases is the highest since May 3rd.

The 7-day average hospitalizations is the highest since May 22nd.

This data is from the CDC.

According to the CDC, on Vaccinations.

Total doses administered: 341,039,972, as of a week ago 337,239,448. Average doses last week: 0.54 million per day.

COVID Metrics
Percent over 18,
One Dose
Fully Vaccinated✅
New Cases per Day3🚩47,45544,06330,682≤5,0002
Deaths per Day3🚩253249216≤502
1 America's Short Term Goals,
2my goals to stop daily posts,
37 day average for Cases, Hospitalized, and Deaths
🚩 Increasing 7 day average week-over-week for Cases, Hospitalized, and Deaths
✅ Goal met (even if late).

KUDOS to the residents of the 20 states and D.C. that have achieved the 70% goal (percent over 18 with at least one dose): Vermont, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Connecticut are at 80%+, and Maine, New Mexico, New Jersey,  Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, California, Maryland, Washington, New Hampshire, New York, Illinois, Virginia, Delaware, Minnesota, Oregon, Colorado and D.C. are all over 70%.

Next up are Florida at 67.2%, Utah at 67.1%, Wisconsin at 66.7%, Nebraska at 66.7%, South Dakota at 65.6%, Iowa at 65.1%, Nevada at 64.4% and Arizona at 63.8%.

Click on graph for larger image.

This graph shows the daily (columns) and 7 day average (line) of positive tests reported.

Almost 65,000 new cases were reported so far today.

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